An ecosystem designed to help businesses grow to their potential.

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Loan against property
Loan against property


Grow your business with confidence.

Now that you are on the path to building a meaningful business, what’s your next step? We are sure it is to make your business bigger, better and more profitable.

With Nirmaan, we help you take your business to newer heights and provide you with unique opportunities, at every step of your expansion journey.

Loan against property


Maximize business performance through simplicity.

With the changing dynamics, every business faces some challenges as they move forward. We are here to help you simplify your businesses’ daily operations and management so that you can navigate towards success with ease.

Loan against property


Drive prominent change through knowledge and network.

Staying relevant is the need of the hour, and your business must transform as the markets demand. With transformational programs and eminent experts at your disposal, we help you understand different facets of business so that you can adopt necessary improvements and keep moving forward.

A Legacy.

A Vision For MSME Growth.

With Godrej Capital Nirmaan, we aim to enable millions of micro, small and medium enterprises in the country. We want to facilitate measures to equip the MSMEs with the opportunity to grow their businesses, plan and manage business operations and transform businesses with knowledge and learning possibilities.

A Promise of Growth For All.

In our stride to enable growth for emerging MSMEs, Godrej Capital goes beyond lending. Businesses, big or small, can take advantage of Godrej Capital Nirmaan to steer their business journey, right from finding solutions for infrastructural or financing gaps, and keeping up with technology and innovation, to managing a skilled workforce, marketing support and more.

The Godrej Capital Commitment:

  • Boost MSMEs’ business growth.
  • Foster innovation and improve performance for a brighter business future.
  • Drive business growth with a one-stop technology-led platform for MSME-specific needs.

Nirmaan for Business Growth.

Godrej Capital Nirmaan is focused on what’s important for businesses through value creation:

  • Multiply growth through marketing support, access to marketplaces, and more.
  • Simplify day-to-day processes and operations to improve business efficiencies.
  • Magnify capabilities through learning and knowledge opportunities.

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